Healing Herbs

Natural and healing herbs (in powder) with plantain, green clay and rosemary. To be used when healing ruptures and other wounds.


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healing herbs after birth
Healing Herbs


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Holistic Doula Wendy composed this powerful perineum herb mix from Ibiza when she was able to experience the wonderful power of these herbs immediately after the birth of her daughter. Through her work as a doula, she sees the healing effect of this special mix.

By using this herb mix on a daily basis (externally), a second-degree rupture can heal quickly and nicely. The herbal powder is applied externally (on your maternity pad) or as a rinse.

About 1 in 3 women have vaginal tearing during delivery, but by using these healing herbs the perineum recovers quickly and naturally. You will receive an instruction on how to best use the herbs. A must have for everyone who is going to give birth and professionals who assist midwives in this special phase. Can also be used for all kinds of wounds after birth.

“The postpartum herbs were a blessing to me as a mother and my yoni. I had vaginal tearing and have chosen not to stitch and partly because the healing herbs I was not bothered by the rupture.” Wenneke