What is a cord ring?

A cord ring is a baby and environmentally friendly alternative to the plastic cord clamb. Instructions for use can be found in the packaging and in the product description. Your midwife can also help you with this if she has worked with it before.

When will my box or products be sent?

Boxes and products ordered on working days before 8 pm are shipped within 1 or 2 working days. In a hurry? Mail or call us!

Will the Dalalou Natural Birth Box be compensated by my insurance?

Health insurer (VVAA) compensates the package up to 35 euros. This insurance is for healthcare professionals. We are doing our very best to make other insurance companies aware of the importance of sustainable boxes! You can also help if you want: contact your insurance company to ask if the natural birth boxes can be compensated. The more demand, the greater the chance that it will be compensated in the future!

What happened to Nalini Natural Birth Boxes?

We set up Nalini in 2016 with love and said goodbye to it again in June 2018. It was time for a new phase in which everyone optimally deployed their own expertise.

Where can I donate my birth box (from the insurance) or remaining products?

It happens often that women prefer to use a natural birth box and want to donate the plastic box from the care insurance. You can donate your stuff at Stichting BabyHope, which has various collection points for projects in Africa or at Puurfoundation that supports a project in The Gambia.

There are also many women in the Netherlands who have little or no money for a birth box. You can bring your products to Kraambank in Groningen or Heerenveen or the Birth collective in Amsterdam where they are used for women with a small budget. Or for example to the Holistic Practice of Elke Steinhilder, she also makes boxes of leftover items to offer to parents with a small budget. The choice is yours! Even if you have items left over from your (natural) birth box, you can send them here.

If the boxes are sold out, where are there still birth boxes available?

The Dalalou Birth Boxes are also sold through, among others, Ekoplaza, Mensenkind, Vita Nova Breastfeeding Center, Mommies and Miracles, Carrying Capacity in Utrecht, Mums and More, Shaney Doula and Midwifes in Brussels. View the full list of points of sale here.