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We want to create awareness among women who want to become or are already pregnant, by using our natural birth boxes, inspiration blogs and videos. Awareness of how important it is to use sustainable, non-toxic, natural and loving products in all phases from conception to birth and beyond. We also want to create awareness about having your own power and autonomy while being pregnant and giving birth. And awareness about nutrition during the conception phase, pregnancy and the first 90 days for mother, partner and baby and about many other related topics. Get inspired here and here.


Natural and loving products around birth contribute to the healthy development of baby and mother and increase the chance of a relaxed birth. The boxes from Dalalou are filled with products of natural origin, chlorine-free, biodegradable and produced in a way that is as friendly as possible for humans, animals and the earth. This way you choose the best quality for you and your baby and you leave a footprint as small as possible. Whether you give birth in the hospital, in your own cozy bed or in the forest …


Esmarel was co-founder of the Nalini Natural Birth Boxes company and noticed that there was a need for more than just a birth box. With her new company Dalalou, she hopes to inspire even more women to choose conscious and natural products in all phases from conception to birth and beyond. Esmarel also gives lectures on topics related to birth & a healthy & sustainable lifestyle.

Shine light

Dalalou is a decomposition of the Spanish ‘Dar a Luz’, which literally means ‘giving light’, or giving birth. With Dalalou we hope to inspire many women to give birth like nobody’s watching and shine their light into the world by choosing products of nature and trust in their own strength.

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shine your light