Postpartum Mix for (steam)bath

Organic herbal mix for healing (steam) bath, especially after birth. Including marigold, lavender and chamomile. The right mix of herbs promotes healing and helps relax! With this bag of 40 grams of herbs you can make at least 4 baths. Also for making tea (a lot of pots).


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Postpartum Mix for (steam)bath


  • The best start for you and your baby
  • Natural & loving
  • Small footprint
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Why a herbal bath?

Herbal baths for postpartum can have a relaxing and healing effect. And yes, even after the birth. Or maybe just after birth!

Being pregnant can take a lot of energy, the birth and birth are often top sport and the maternity days are intense.

Then warmth and relaxation for your body is very valuable and also very healing. Literally and figuratively! Because the herbs that you add to such a bath help you relax, but also contribute to the healing of your body.

Which herbs are in it?

Chamomile has a calming effect, not only on your emotions, but also on the mucous membranes. Chamomile also promotes epithelial formation which is an important step in making a new skin layer over a possible wound.

Marigold, or Calendula, is also such a hero from the herbal kingdom! Marigold is widely used in soft skin care products. It supports the natural healing power of your skin. It helps with irritation and repels bacteria and fungi.

Lavender cannot be missed, this is together with Calendula the basis for the baby-friendly herb mix. Lavender smells delicious and is relaxing. Everyone knows that, but lavender is much more! Lavender can have a supportive effect on fungi, eczema, skin irritation, but also works on stress and nerves due to its cramp-lifting properties.

Yarrow and plantain are both medicinal herbs and are, among other things, wound healing and anti-inflammatory.

Having a bath with your baby?

The right mix of herbs promotes healing and helps relax. For you! And do you want to take a bath with your little one? That is also possible, is delicious and healing! Bathing with your baby helps to bind with your baby and to make breastfeeding flow. You feel, smell, taste and experience each other naked and relaxed skin-on-skin. The herbs also help your baby with healing, such as the navel.

Mild herbs such as chamomile and lavender are the most suitable for a small baby, who actually has enough of the smell of his mother. Bathing together, relaxing together. Because a relaxed mom is a relaxed baby.

And such a bath also helps mentally after the birth. To process and sink everything. For you, but also for your little one who has spent 9 months in wonderfully warm amniotic fluid.

How does it work?

The herbs can be thrown in the bath, gives a really nice effect and you have a lot of fun. Because you are still busy fishing the flowers and leaves from your bathing well … ?

It is nicer to let the herbs soak in a pan of hot water for a while. By using hot water for this, the herbs can retract even better and the effect is even more intense. After you have let the herbs draw in a pan, you can pour the extract through a sieve into the bath.

Another possibility is to put the herbs in an organic cotton or linen bag and let it soak in a pan with hot water. And then pour this extract into the bath. You can float the bag in the bath or take it out.

You can also make a nice cup of tea from this mix! Very relaxing and cleansing.

No bath?

Don’t you have a bath? Everyone can create a steam bath or sitting bath at home.

For a steam bath: Let the herbs soak in a pan of hot water. Put the pan in the toilet bowl and let it cool a little! Because almost boiling steam is really too hot for your vulnerable vulva. When it has cooled slightly you can sit on it.

For a sitting bath: Let the herbs soak in a pan of hot water. Let it cool a little or add some cold water. Pour the extract (through a sieve) into a bowl. Place the bowl in the toilet bowl and sit in it with your buttocks.

Mini spa

Put some candles around you and take 20 minutes for yourself. Just as a power nap can give you energy, this moment can really be just as blissful for yourself.

Remember: everything in your life starts with you! And a good start … So make sure your baby is full of drunk skin-on-skin with father / partner / grandmother or anyone, and lock yourself up in your mini spa!

This spice mix is ​​composed by Ophet Feel.

“The postpartum herbs were a blessing to me as a mother and my vagina. I have been torn and have chosen not to attach and because of this mix and the fine herbs I never had any trouble with the rupture. ”