Washable nursing pads bamboo & merinowool

Beautiful & soft washable nursing pads with great absorbency. 4 pieces yellow / gray or turquoise / gray. 100% natural material.


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yellow pads washable
Washable nursing pads bamboo & merinowool


  • The best start for you and your baby
  • Natural & loving
  • Small footprint
  • Delivered to your home within 1 working day*

Beautiful and soft nursing pads with great absorbency.


– Exterior of 100% Oko-Tex certified merino wool

– inside of bamboo hemp fleece

Properties: Merino wool is suitable for sensitive skin. The substance absorbs a lot of moisture and has good temperature regulation.

Bamboo-hemp fleece absorbs a lot of moisture.

Washing advice: merino wool is self-cleaning, so the product does not have to be washed often. Only suitable for hand washing, possibly in combination with a wool detergent.

Available in: yellow / gray.

Handmade by EcoEra

Why would you choose washable nursing pads?

If you are going to breastfeed you will certainly leak milk from your breasts in the first weeks or months. This can happen even during pregnancy.

You can also opt for disposable organic nursing pads (these are less harmful to the environment than regular pads), but you will have to purchase a lot. Washable pads can be washed. Logical ;-). And therefore use for months. These washable pads from Doula Noord are handmade and one of the few nursing pads on the market that contain 100% natural material. We are very proud to be able to offer this in our webshop!