Ecopads with recyclable mattress protector

Ecological pads 12 pieces (60 x 90cm) with recyclable mattress protector (140 x 150 cm)


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eco underpads organic
Ecopads with recyclable mattress protector


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Ecological underpads 60 × 90, 12 pieces

The pads is also called a maternity mattresses and you lay it over your mattress protector during delivery and birth. Pads have an absorbent layer and collect moisture, amniotic fluid and blood so that the substrate remains clean at the place where you give birth.

You also use the underpads (right) after birth to, for example, receive the placenta and during the midwifer’s check (s). You can also put them under your buttocks in bed during the first maternity days: preventively, during a check-up or just to be exposed with your buttocks which can help with recovery.

Here, too, we naturally opted for the most ecological variant. The pads have a 100% ecological filling that is biodegradable and has an absorbent top layer. The bottom is made of plastic, this ensures that nothing leaks through it (we hope to be able to offer bio-plastic in the future).

Mattress protector from 1.40 to 1.50

A mattress protector is used during birth and just after birth to protect your mattress against moisture, amniotic fluid and blood. You can put the protector on your bed, but of course at any other place where you give birth.

We have now opted for a plastic film that is recyclable. In the future we hope to be able to offer a natural variant for this.

From about 37 weeks of pregnancy you can put a nice waterproof molton or towels in your bed under your fitted sheet for when your membranes break spontaneously when you sleep. This mattress protector is purely intended for the birth itself.

Content: Mattress protector bioplastic (1 piece) & Pads with biodegradable filling 60 × 90 (12 pieces), packed in biodegradable Happy Sack from EcomondoNL.